Happy Valentine’s Day

Canon AE-1

Valentine’s Day has a lot to do with our hearts, our love and our passion. In a way photography has been something that I have loved and one way to push it further for me is to indulge in film photography.

This Canon AE-1 is still in pristine condition, the lens a Canon FD 50mm f/1.4 may look great but I had to have it cleaned due to some fungus inside. Got the two for a song! Haha! I spent some time reading the manual of this thing, I had to tape 4 LR44 button cells + foil to got it working too (i can’t find 4LR44 cells as of now though I ordered a few thru fleabay). By the way I got the manuals thru Mike Butkus’ Camera Manual Library, his site is a great resource for old camera manuals.

I’m still looking for more high-speed 135 films ISO 400-800 and I would love to get more of these Fujifilm Neopans or the Kodak B/Ws. Kinda hard to come by here but I just need to comb thru stores in Hidalgo, Manila. Fuji stores currently carry the C200’s. 😦

I’m looking forward with the results of these rolls. It would also help me know if the AE-1 has light leaks inside. Stay tuned. I learned a great deal from this short experience though, focusing, breathing, composing, waiting for the moment. But this camera will definitely be a keeper. I also ought to find a film scanning service nearby.

PS. No Fuji X yet for me. Camera not sold yet. 😦


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