Tempting Fujifilm X-T1



Mostly during the second semester of 2013, I was contemplating on getting a Fujifilm X-series camera. I have been watching fuji lately and these things they’re coming up in the x-series line are really great. When I heard the buzz about X-T1 last year, I started checking fujirumors frequently. Looks like this is the one I am waiting for…

X-T1 Front

I have used an x100 and it was great even with the short time that I tried it and it was still a bit too expensive that time. Last December, I had a bit of good time trying out my brothers x20. It was fast and intuitive. He hasn’t given me the images I shot yet in the beaches with the kids and Mimbalot Falls in Iligan. Hehe

X-T1 Back

I really liked the pictures being produced by Fuji, I like how the way it handles and I think it is somewhat attuned to what I shoot. People and places, more street and at times I have to be discrete. I just hope this one will be as fast as dslrs, I sometimes feel it’s cumbersome to bring the 7d around or at times you can’t get it out of the bag fast enough due to its size/weight.

X-T1 with Grip

Now how I wish I can try the X-T1 with the 35mm. I also hope I can review one here in the Philippines. Please Fujifilm Philippines, have mercy on me! I think this will be something that can make me ditch the DSLR. I have been lugging around primes lately, my 24-105L is gathering dust – I think having 23mm, 35mm and 56mm Fujinons will do it for me, plus the 18-55 f/2.8-f/4 so that my wife can use it.

XF lens roadmap

I think Fuji did an awesome job within the APS-C category. Why? Unlike the big two, Canon and Nikon – Fuji doesn’t have any full-frame. Thus their lenses are optimized for their sensors. Yes, the big two have developed awesome 17-55’s in f/2.8 but that’s it, primes and telezooms would have to be their FF counterparts – thus heavy. And what’s great is that they already have a lens roadmap – something other manufacturers are shy about in sharing.

Hmmm, Fuji do you accept trade-ins?


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