Toying with the 28mm

Toying with the 28mm

Got a chance to use a Canon EF 28mm f/1.8 lens – this is the old one without IS. The shot above was taken inside a McDonalds restaurant while I was passing some time (you know Manila traffic).

Breakfast at Laguindingan Airportlantern

This lens been with me for about a month now and it’s somewhat glued to my EOS 7D for the whole time being. The focal length is somewhat amazing for the 7D, not too wide nor not too narrow (the case with the 50mm wherein I made a post awhile back) – it’s 45mm on Canon’s APS-C cameras meaning almost normal (50ish mm on 135).

Church of the Gesu
This lens had its fair share of both positive and negative reviews, more of a love it or hate it affair with photographers. If you want technical data, that’s something I don’t do which you may find elsewhere as with my review with the 50, its about using the lens with the camera. In the photo above, I shot it handheld and wide open in Ateneo de Manila University while waiting for my niece.

Batch '98 @ 15
The challenge though was for the 7D’s autofocus system to achieve the right focus under low light and low contrast environment like the one above for our High School Reunion. Honestly, I shifted to live view with this one and used manual focus on such situations. But for me the lens is plenty sharp when it hits focus – I won’t lie to you too, this lens might get a bit soft on corners too on some occasions coupled with some CA’s and purple fringing.

San Miguel PBA Teams Auction for a Cause
I pretty much made use of it, shot an event with Filipino basketball cagers in a charity event, inside a mall at night, a fire drill on a cloudy noontime, a park, beach, etc. And it performed very well, sunlight, low light, bright lights, strobes or anything you throw at it.

Sendong Housing - Iligan City
Outdoors even on crop I made a few shot of houses for Typhoon Washi/Sendong survivors above in Iligan City. At f/2.0 and above – this lens is pretty good. It also solves the issue of soft corners on images as well as chromatic aberrations or purple fringing. Two of my previous post, about my trip in Iligan and Christmas eve were all shot with this lens. And it was the only lens in my cam and bag (you always decide to bring lenses or milk if you have two kids with you on a trip).

For APS-C shooters this is one lens you can have for so many uses and I felt this is more versatile than the 50 on crop frames. You can really see how good this is but I won’t dump my 50mm for this though, cos that one is quite better for portraits and there’s something magical about it. Even with that said regarding the 50, this lens is still capable in handling portraits like the image of my daughter above. Just be careful not to be so close as you will distort your subject – unless that’s your intention.

I’m not sure how this would feel on full-frame though I’ve shot a 24mm on film (pic above was shot using a Nikon FM10 with a Nikon 24mm f/2.8D and Fuji C200 film). Well if someone have some 5d’s or 6d’s lying around doing nothing then you can loan me one and send me an email, I’ll write about it – hehehe.

Batch '98 @ 15 - Brader
I failed to mention that this lens also handles bokeh pretty well. Yes, bokeh is subjective and I love the way it blurs the background like the one above. Another thing neat about the Canon EF 28mm f/1.8 is that it came with the lens hood and pouch right out of the box – you don’t see that too often on Canon lenses except if it’s an L, or this one I’m using might be one of the early ones (no date code inside the lens therefore no information regarding the production year of this one). So if got yours without one, leave a comment so that I can update this information.

Basically this lens will be glued on my 7d, it will become a general purpose lens for me. Light, solid feel (better than 50mm), front element stays in plays when focusing (unlike the 50) and great at low light.

For other photos of this set. Click on the links below. Feel free to leave comments, share or re-blog this page!

McDonaldslanternChurch of the GesuChurch of the GesuLampFire Drill
San Miguel PBA Teams Auction for a CauseCentrio Mall - Merry ChristmasCentrio MallBreakfast at Laguindingan AirportLexBatch '98 @ 15 - Brader
Batch '98 @ 15Batch '98 @ 15NikkaNikkaSendong Housing - Iligan City

tumblr-28, a Slide Show of this set on Flickr.


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