Christmas Eve 2013

Christmas Eve 2013

San Sebastian Cathedral (Lipa) Altar
Welcoming Christmas 2013 was spent in San Sebastian Cathedral in Lipa, Batangas. For most of us Catholics in the Philippines, we usually welcome Christmas by attending a Christmas eve mass that ends around 12 midnight. I don’t know about other Catholic countries if they also do the same practice.

San Sebastian Cathedral (Lipa) Altar Ceiling
San Sebastian Cathedral was featured in a post that I did before. Well, here’s the interior of the church. The ceilings are painted, some of the designs that look like moldings are actually painted – it even fooled me before into thinking that they were actual moldings.

As with any Christmas eve mass on larger churches, it showcases local talents such as various choir groups singing, as well as a “play” or slide show is done to re-live nativity before the start of the Holy Eucharist. I think for two straight years that I celebrated it here it is the same play – a modern rendition of Joseph and Mary’s plight as they looked for a place to stay and eventually where Jesus was born.

Nativity Play
In this play – most of the people who rejected the couple were too pre-occupied with their own personal problems – money, work, relationships and others. This was a rather modern adaptation save for some of the design cues of their costumes.

Nativity Play - Magi
Turning off the lighting of the church for the play really gained my attention as the spotlight created effects and focus on each part of the story/character.

Nativity Play
I’m looking forward in celebrating Christmas in other areas next year to see what their local culture would also showcase.

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San Sebastian Cathedral (Lipa) Altar CeilingSan Sebastian Cathedral (Lipa) Altar - PortraitSan Sebastian Cathedral (Lipa) AltarChoirNativity PlayNativity Play
Nativity PlayNativity PlayNativity PlayNativity PlayNativity PlayNativity Play
Nativity PlayNativity Play - MagiNativity Play - MagiNativity Play

tumblr-nativity, a Slide Show of this set on Flickr.


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