Trip to Iligan

Maria Cristina Falls

Iligan City was once known as the Industrial City of Southern Philippines, due to globalization it’s now left as a shadow of its old glorious self. The heart of this Industrial City is its system of hydro-electric power plants that climaxes to Maria Cristina falls. (Unluckily, it wasn’t opened fully when I was there.)

Maria Cristina Falls Rapids

These are the rapids below the water falls, pretty strong and when it’s fully opened – the mist will reach you in the viewing area. This is one treasure that I would never get bored going to every time I come home to Iligan, I especially love how they retained the forest cover surrounding the falls area.

Maria Cristina Eco-park

Recently, National Power Corp., built a mini-zoo in the area – it houses a few endemic species like Philippine Crocodile, monkeys, pythons and others. It is a known knowledge among locals that crocs reside in this area prior to the development of the hydro-electric power plants, monkeys still roam freely here and you get to see monitor lizards, iguanas and various bird species.

Setting Sun over Taal Volcano

On the way back to Manila, I was greeted with the sun about to set overlooking another Philippine wonder – Taal Volcano. Another adventure, another story for another day.

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Maria Cristina FallsMaria Cristina Falls RapidsMaria Cristina Eco-parkSetting Sun over Tagaytay

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