50mm and its versatility

Versatility of the 50

A week before the Christmas break was an example just how versatile this lens is. Started the day where I went to an event with a crowd of around two hundred till mid-day and capped a few shots of spirits with friends later in the evening.


This wasn’t supposed to be an event where I’ll be shooting point, but somehow I ended up being the point. Long story, but not a problem really (even though armed only with a 50). The long road going there is paved as we passed thru the new township development of Nuvali. We made one wrong turn and we eventually got stuck in a dirt road.

We got waylaid for a good 15-30 minutes, till we got help. I was able to shoot the heavy equipment in the construction site when construction workers came and pushed the car back.

The event went on as planned, I shot close and wide… with my feet. The strength of this lens is not on wide side especially on crop (using my 7d) or indoor group shots. But rather on close shoulder width shots.

The other strength of this lens is on low light. That night we had to go out with friends who wanted a few drinks to cap the night. At f/1.4, couple it with a camera body capable of shooting ISO 3200 and above then you have something that can shoot wide and close again.


Won’t bore you with technicalities, fringing, distortion, abberations, focus accuracy/speed. This lens is plenty capable and versatile, you just need to make do with what you have and zoom with your feet. The lens’ distance scale isn’t something that’s useful, and this lens is unforgiving at f/1.4 when it comes to focus – sharp when it nails it and not when not in focus. I often resort to manual and live view during low-light instances in order to achieve proper focus – not really the lenses fault rather the camera body + low contrast and low light.


Yes, it’s intentional that my friends faces are out of focus. I want them to be incognito and they loved these pics.


Oh, I think this will be capable to shoot stars at night. This one is handheld without tripod and Manila is notorious for pollution thus its not the perfect for shooting stars. But hey, got one handheld. 😉

For other photos of this set. Click on the links below. You can also share or reblog this page!


tumblr-versa50, a Slide Show of this set on Flickr.


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