Dusk and Dawn

Disclaimer: Some photographs here have been posted earlier in my blog.

A few posts ago I mentioned that I always wanted an early morning or late night flights. Here are few of the reasons why:

pre-departure area NAIA Terminal 2
Delayed Flight Davao International Airport
(1) Terminal gets pretty crowded. One on top is NAIA Terminal 2 pre-departure area, and the one on the bottom is Davao International Airport pre-departure area. Not only does the terminal get pretty crowded so does the check-in area. Now if you’re looking for your gate and check-in counter…
Where's my check-in counter?
…that won’t be to helpful at all. I can just imagine the rush, especially now during the yuletide season where many Filipinos take a vacation away from the metro to their respective provinces to spend the holidays (like me!)

(2) The real reason for me is to be able to get into the sky and capture these colors. Or even chance upon a good sunrise or sunset (that I haven’t… thus I’m still striving to get one).
This was shot first quarter of this year and I really love those colors. Another reason is to be able to capture the drama…
Metro Manila at Night
Yes, I’d like to call that drama. I like to watch the way the lights are lighting up the highways up above, the thousands of cars caught in traffic, the uneven lights of skyscrapers and such. It’s a beauty. This was shot over Metro Manila when I was on a flight bound for Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia.

Now I know some of you may not like taking photos, except for selfies (no offense – hehehe) but don’t want the hassle of waking up too early to take a flight or arrive pretty late in the evening to your destinations and at the same time hate the idea of long waiting lines, no seats, uncomfortable accommodations in the pre-departure area — here’s my solution: Get a frequent flyer mile card.

Mabuhay Lounge Davao International AirportMabuhay Lounge Davao International Airport 2I have Philippine AirlinesMabuhay Miles, and believe me it pays to have one (I got the card for free, so go figure! Apply!). You’ll get far better terminal pre-departure accommodations (Once you get into Elite status and above or if you travel business class).

Mabuhay Lounge Barista - International, NAIA 2Mabuhay Lounge - International, NAIA 2

The lounge also serves superb food. The pics above are taken from the Mabuhay Lounge at NAIA 2 International Departure area. Yes there’s difference between the domestic and international lounge. The International lounge gets a bar with a barista thus drink mixes are available. Food served has more variety, there’s a shower room, there’s an iMac, free wifi, and lotsa AC sockets for your gadgets!

Mabuhay Lounge Davao

The domestic? Light food is available, haven’t seen scotch but beer (SMB Pale Pilsen!!!) is there if you want one. There’s also wifi and AC sockets. But my key take on the domestic lounges are the black and white pictures of domestic tourism destinations that are no where in the international lounge.

Come on and let’s travel!

For other photos of this set. Click on the links below. You can also share or reblog this page!

Mabuhay Lounge NAIA DomesticMabuhay Lounge DavaoMabuhay Lounge Barista - International, NAIA 2Mabuhay Lounge - International, NAIA 2Metro Manila at Night_BR_9543
_BR_9550_BR_7850_BR_7824Delayed FlightLost?pre-departure area

Dusk and Dawn, a Slide Show of this set on Flickr.


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