Tacloban Airport post Haiyan – 2013/11/17


Aid workers transport critically wounded for air transport

This is rather a long due post. Pictures were taken two weeks ago while we did an operation to move personnel out of Tacloban. As you have noticed, I had a few posts before on Leyte area, so its quite sad and heartbreaking for me to be seeing these on my owns eyes as I have seen the beauty of this place before this calamity.

Daniel Z. Romualdez Airport

Upon touchdown what welcomed us when we landed in Daniel Z. Romualdez Airport was the devastation in the airport area. The grass was brown, the mountains around the area from lush green are now brown – it simply meant that vegetation was really damaged. From the airplane window, I can see beeline of people waiting for a plane ride out via C130’s.

IDP's seeking a plane ride

Upon deplaning, quite a lot of pallets of relief coming from USAID and other aid agencies littered the airport waiting for delivery. Personnel of different color and races are there, and frankly that’s what made me happy and lifted my spirits. I can see Japanese Self-Defense Force in the airport moving stuff and a few meters away from the airport are tents set up by different groups most likely military (OD-green tents) that sport various flags from where they were from.

JSDF move goods in Tacloban Airport

United States, thanks to them have sent the most in terms of personnel and equipment as far as I can see during my limited time in Tacloban Airport. A USMC KC-130J Super Hercules is unloading goods in Tacloban and takes in people to Manila/Cebu. MV-22 Ospreys and UH-60 Black Hawks land and lift off from time to time. In terms of personnel, I have seen most likely USSOCOM guys in there too (the bearded guys together with the ones in uniform – sorry won’t post pics).


For those who came here to help thank you. For the countries who sent people here thank you. For people who helped in any way they can thank you too. For people who prayed for us, thank you. I just wish we can rebuild damaged areas fast, hopefully with the help were getting – we can and we will!

For other photos of this set. Click on the links below.

Workers moving relief in the airportDaniel Z. Romualdez AirportJSDF move goods in Tacloban AirportIDP's seeking a plane rideUS Army Equipment at WorkUSMC C130
Aid workers transport critically wounded for air transport

Yolanda, a Slide Show of this set on Flickr.


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