Grand Hyatt and Courtyard by Marriot Hotels in Nusa Dua, Bali


Nusa Dua, Bali Hotels, a Slide Show of this set on Flickr.

I have been quite fortunate to have visited Bali, Indonesia last month to attend the Asian Forum on Corporate Social Responsibility 2013.

Both hotels are situated in Nusa Dua that I can simply describe as “resort country” – resort hotels one after another. I stayed one night (technically 5 hours – 2am till 7am thus the limited images) in the Courtyard by Marriot and 2 nights in Grand Hyatt. All I can say with both accommodations is that they are superb, I wish I stayed more there not for the conference but for recreation so that I can write more or add more images.

Courtyard has a very airy lobby, a nice mix of modern and probably local architecture and if I may say it looks more recent than Grand Hyatt. One caveat though is that the Courtyard’s beach property is outside the hotel premises thus you have to be shuttled there, but don’t worry its for free! I really like the bed in the Courtyard, after a red-eye flight it was the best thing for me because it took time for me to sleep since I drank the welcome tea. The pool looks great, right beside the restaurant if I am not mistaken (I wasn’t able to take a dip or try out their menu).

Grand Hyatt Bali is huge, it can be used for Amazing Race – pun intended. But it is indeed a well thought out resort-hotel, wear comfortable footwear here since you really have to be walking around. Multiple restaurants are dotted in the resort to suit your taste. There is a superb grand ballroom and cozy breakout rooms for conferences – I really liked the snack servings during the conference. The room where I stayed was also big, and relaxing. The good thing about Grand Hyatt is that it is more tourist friendly, across its entrance is “The Collection” a strip of stores and restaurants where you can purchase souvenirs, find local delicacies, music, Bintang beer and a convenience store is also present. Beach is well maintained and clean, so are the numerous swimming pools to suit your taste. At night, accredited locals sell their wares inside the resort.

All in all, I just wish to be back in Bali especially in Grand Hyatt to ENJOY because that’s what I lacked when I went there – it was all business.


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