Boracay PH

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Accidental Boracay, a Slideshow of this set on Flickr.

Ok, I’m a Filipino but I haven’t been to Boracay. Ironic? Probably yes, majority of Filipinos don’t have the opportunity to travel around the best places that the Philippines has to offer – let’s just call that social injustice. But for me, I prefer my beaches to have less human activity as much as possible. I had opportunities before to go, I even won a ticket to go there – I gave them to my parents.

This trip? Work-related. We had a few schools to turnover in the vicinity, then I had to take pictures of the Airport in Caticlan (the gateway to Boracay) together with their new firefighting equipment.

I didn’t get to enjoy the beach by the way. Hectic sked.


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