Behind the Scenes

Paco and Sonny grey cardPaco explaining the shotsPaco shooting, directing and reviewingErik after directing upcloseErik shootingErik instructing his lightman
Olivier Yoan doing a test shootOlivier Yoan getting ready in placeOlivier Yoan scouting location

Behind the Scenes, a Slideshow of this set on Flickr.

I got an opportunity to watch pro photographers Francisco “Paco” Guerrero, Erik Liongoren and Olivier Yoan do their work up close. The shoot lasted for just a few minutes since they were capturing portraits of top executives. Even under a limited time, observing their workflow, attitude and passion makes me wonder that I still have so much to learn and experience to reach that level. A few lines (paraphrased) that define these creative people:

“Aren’t we all hobbyist? We just happen to make a living out of our hobby!” – Paco Guerrero on photography as a hobby and being a pro

“I ought to get a patent on that ‘Chikka!'” – Erik Liongoren regarding lighting up the mood of subjects


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