Bank of Commerce celebrates International Volunteers Day

BOC IVD - JumpshotBOC IVD - JumpshotBOC IVD - BTS GroupshotBOC IVD - Cong. Wes GatchalianBOC IVDBOC IVD - Painting the Stairs
BOC IVD - Working HandsBOC IVD - Smiling VolunteersBOC IVD - Waiting for my turnBOC IVD - Happy PainterBOC IVD - Kids GamesBOC IVD - Disiplina residents
BOC IVD - Work & FunBOC IVD - Painting High and LowBOC IVD - My AccomplishmentBOC IVD - Painting the 2nd StoreyBOC IVD - Happy PaintersBOC IVD - Reaching High
BOC IVD - Carrying loadsBOC IVD - Helping HandBOC IVD - Heavy and Dirty WorkBOC IVD - Heavy and Dirty WorkBOC IVD - BOC's Mr CamusBOC IVD - Briefing

IVD – BOC 2011, a Slideshow of this set on Flickr.

Bank of Commerce (BOC) celebrated International Volunteers Day Last December 3 at Disiplina Village in Valenzuela.

San Miguel Corporation’s (SMC) – San Miguel Brewery donated 300 houses in Disiplina Village. BOC is one of the companies owned by SMC.


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