Paradise Island, Samal

By the BeachDelayed Check-in NAIA 2Lost?Misspelled BillboardParking Area in DavaoSelf Portrait
Port in DavaoRoomWalkwaysRufuos Night HeronBrahminy KiteSpotted Dove
Lady Amherst PheasantParadise Island PortSouvenirsSouvenirsSouvenirsParadise Island Port
Delayed FlightDelayed Flight

tumblr-samalparadise, a Slideshow of this set on Flickr.

I went to Paradise Island Park and Beach Resort located in Samal Island in Davao, Philippines.

Unfortunately I wasn’t there to unwind but rather to handle a teambuilding workshop. To make the matters worst, Cloudy day and rains hampered me from taking any sunset shots. The only consolation was the presence of a mini-zoo and aviary.

There’s always a next time… to enjoy the beach, the sunset and to snorkel!


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