Travel Pictures

remnants of an old port?off for an early catchRoasted Pig - LechonKinilaw na Malasugi ug Tangigue - CevichePapait - stew of goat innardstubod - spring water
tinago fallsDivine Mercy ShrineDivine Mercy Shrinejuvenile beetle

tumblr-travel, a Slideshow of this set on Flickr.

Here are some pictures of my travels for the good first half of 2011. Pictures of sights, food, animals and others. Pictures are taken in Bantayan Cebu (Sunrise), Iligan City (Food and Waterfalls), El Salvador, Misamis Oriental (Shrine) and General Nakar, Quezon (Beetle). This is just a taste of things to come. I’ve had more travels of late, I just need to categorize them well and upload.


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